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How to Stop Wrestling with Your Eating and Make Radical & Lasting Weight and Health Shifts

Dear friend,

If you are like many other people struggling to reach your ideal weight you might feel tired, frustrated and like giving up. Most probably you’ve already tried various diets and exercise regimes that didn’t work and think that you simply don’t have enough will power to stick to the healthy habits. If you’d would love to live in harmony with your body and put an end to the unhealthy food cravings for good, then keep reading.

Why Most People Get Caught in an Endless Struggle to Lose Weight?

Diets alone are hopelessly ineffective in the long term, they can even be health damaging. The problem is not about the food – and most of us already know this. You might already know all those nutrition and healthy eating tips, how to exercise and how to lose weight and you might even lie awake at night beating yourself up for all of those “shoulds” you’re not doing. So why is that we often fail to do what we should be doing?

The truth is that if you don’t deal with the root cause of your dietary problems you will end up in an endless cycle of losing and gaining weight, causing frustration, depression, hopelessness and low self esteem. No matter how much you wish and will yourself to change your ways, it remains incredibly difficult or even impossible to make definitive and lasting change until you face, address and resolve the underlying old conditioning.

Why Do You Crave for Foods that are Actually Harmful for You…and How to Stop?Stop the Food Fight

Most of us don’t clearly realize that our addictions to particular foods are driven by deep and sometimes long-forgotten emotional issues – emotionally charged memories and conditioned patterns from long ago, that have somehow stuck with us and which continue to silently sabotage us. The unhealthy and unwanted automatic behavior patterns are only the results of these emotional issues.

Most of the weight loss programs focus on offering a strict dietary regime that creates frustration and the feeling of worthlessness. So, if we want real and lasting change we must be willing to look beneath the surface, and rather than tinkering with our difficulties at a superficial level, we need to go much deeper… we need to pull them out by the roots.

 From Kevin Billett:

“This Is My Story of Struggle with Eating…
How I Stopped Wrestling with My Eating and Made Radical, Lasting Weight and Health Shifts

For much of my 53 years of life I struggled with food. At 14 I felt pudgy and embarrassed about my waistline. At 16 I first looked at my body size with anger and decided to do something ‘once and for all’ about it. Since my mid-twenties I have fluctuated between being variously 30 to 50 pounds overweight, and although I may have been good at hiding my distress from others, deep inside it has always painfully bothered me. It negatively affected my self-esteem, self-image and emotional positivity, my fitness, activity levels and lifestyle choices. It compromised my confidence in relationships and in intimacy. It eventually affected my health.

I tried a multitude of diets and made many ‘firm decisions’ to exercise regularly and get fit. The results of both were limited and temporary, and in time I inevitably fell back into a disheartening internal battle between what I wanted to eat and what my body really needed. I resumed the food struggle, eating more and doing less until my weight crept back up to, and normally beyond, its previous levels.

Each time my determination to ‘get serious’ seemed more hopeless than the last. It seemed that there would be no end to the struggle – until last year, when I discovered some truly extraordinary health secrets!I had used Journeywork for over 15 years to deeply transform my emotional experience of life and to awaken and utilize my potential as a human being and as a leader. Last fall I decided to adapt these potent and proven techniques for use in weight loss…they were immediately and hugely effective.”


Keep Reading if You Want Your Weight to Effortlessly Fall Away and Your Natural Desire to Exercise to Soar

This Workshop Will Clear Out the Root Causes of Your Unhealthy Eating and Drinking Issues

The brand new Stop the Food Fight! seminar will teach you the specific techniques tailored and refined to clear out the root cause of unhealthy eating and drinking issues.

Here’s what what you’ll uncover at this workshop:

  • A powerful new way of creating healthy, liberating and lasting lifestyle and health shifts – shifts that will allow you to reach and maintain your goals in weight, fitness and overall health.
  • A potent way to deeply resolve long-standing issues such as low self-esteem, poor self-image, lack of willpower, procrastination, insecurity, anxiety, feelings of emptiness and lots more.
  • A series of techniques you’ll learn that you will take away with you so you can continue to improve your health in all areas.
  • A way to dive into the deeper, wiser part of you – the healing essence of you – to create alignment and a sense of effortlessness in many areas of your life.
  • The BEST way we know of to end the eating battle, to once and for all – Stop the Food Fight.

Not Another Quick-Fix Mega-Weight Loss Gimmick

Before you register, I must tell you: this isn’t a false promise, another diet or quick-fix mega-weight loss gimmick. At this workshop you’ll find a highly effective method of getting to the root cause of unhealthy over- or under-eating behaviors – and clearing out the deep seated conditioned and emotional drivers of those patterns.

I’m Kevin Billett, and Stop the Food Fight offers what is possibly the MOST effective approach available ANYWHERE for you to create the lasting lifestyle shifts you have long promised yourself.

See you there.

With warmest regards,

Kevin Billett



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