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Radiant Health Retreat, Corfu, Greece

The Journey


Stop the Food Fight 7-Day Retreat in Corfu, Greece - Bet Diening-Weatherston

Radiant Health Retreat

Why is it that some people look vibrant and full of life while others look grey and dull? What is that glow all about and how come they shine?

If you are like many other people you may be struggling to feel radiant and healthy and may not fully understand what is stopping you from reaching optimal health. Most probably you’ve already tried various programs and modalities that didn’t work and think that you simply don’t have enough will power to stick to the healthy habits.

Would you love to live in harmony with your body, your mind and your emotions  – for good?

Often when we get stressed by life’s circumstances our old unhealthy patterns and behaviours kick in creating self-sabotaging habits that make us feel apathetic, unhappy and like giving up. We may reach for ‘comfort foods’, start up exercise programs that go nowhere in the long term or we may have absolutely no clue what we want or need to become healthy..  It does not feel very inspiring when we start and stop programs with no long term gains.

Radiant Health is designed to unearth, discover, clear and heal from these self-sabotaging habits and patterns, habits that often that run beneath our level of awareness and that keep us stuck in a rut of unhappiness.

Ultimately, what will it take for you to realize and celebrate that you are responsible for your own health and happiness?  Will it take disease to wake you up or are you hearing the call now?

Radiant Health provides a type of road map of discovery to what old beliefs and costly behaviours you may have adopted from your family, your ancestors, your culture etc that keep these disempowering behaviours in spin.  You will learn how to clear out these patterns so that you are at conscious choice…feeling free to live a life of inspired health.

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Get to the root cause of your true issues and begin healthy habits NOW!

SFF_KevinCreator of Radiant Health, Kevin Billett struggled most of his life with food. He tried a multitude of diets and made many ‘firm decisions’ to exercise regularly and get fit. When life got stressful, his default pattern was to reach for food.

It seemed that there would be no end to the struggle – until he discovered a unique approach to eating, emotions, and healing.

We are inviting you to join us in this 7-day Radiant Health Retreat where our Canadian presenter Bet Diening-Weatherston will be sharing with you highly effective tools of getting to the root cause of unhealthy life-style behaviors.

It’s an experiential workshop where you’ll be resolving long-standing issues such as low self-esteem, poor self-image, lack of willpower, procrastination and much more.

What makes this retreat different from all other programs? Most programs focus on offering a “To-Do- List” that creates frustration and the feeling of worthlessness. So, if we want real and lasting change we must be willing to look beneath the surface of our behaviours, we need to go much deeper… we need to pull these unhealthy patterns out by their roots. Then, and only then, will lasting change happen.

What Exactly You’ll Be Learning at the Radiant Health Retreat?

  • Motivate you to create healthy, liberating and lasting lifestyle and health shifts – shifts that will allow you to reach and maintain your goals in overall health and vitality.
  • Resolve long-standing issues such as low self-esteem, poor self-image, lack of willpower, procrastination, insecurity, anxiety, feelings of emptiness, physical ailments and lots more.
  • Introduce healthy and cleansing foods into your diet. The meals are specifically designed, foods and supplements especially chosen to cleanse, support and heal the body. A nutrition expert is available during this week and offers guidelines on how to best continue a healthy diet back home.
  • Put you on a healthy path of movement and exercise.  Yoga and E-Motion exercises will take the group through daily exercise, including stretching, yoga, shaking – all that is necessary to unearth deeply buried issues, which can be cleared and resolved in a very supportive and intimate setting.
  • A way to dive into the deeper, wiser part of you to create alignment and a sense of effortlessness in many areas of your life.

If you want to live in harmony with your body and and feel vibrant and healthy, then this week long seminar is definitely for you!

Upcoming Event:

May 28th – June 3rd 2017

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Lovely Bet,

Thank you for an amazing amazing week, im cooking and shopping and blending smoothies and even lost a few kilos. But most of all I feel great! I can get up early and still have energy all day, the kids are eating the morning mix and liking it (w berries and banana).

With the beautiful synergies of your expertise, focus, empathy and humour, Pepe’s loving and wonderful food and Dorothe’s at every moment in tune body work it has been the best retreat I have ever been on and I feel rewired from top to toe.

Seriously, I can’t thank you enough. I even had the courage to call my professor dad and told him about my journey process, where I cried his and my grandmother’s bitter tears from the holocaust, and the connection with the bitter tears and the food and he was open and interested, and we decided to go in the summer to her grave in Copenhagen and give the burden back.

I am signing up for next year. Would swim to Corfu for that if I had to.

Love and buckwheat hugs


Michelle Bull - Stop the Food FightMy experience of  the Radiant Health Retreat in Corfu, Greece was the most amazing program I have taken thus far.

Bet Diening-Weatherston provided us with guided processes and theory teachings. I was completely taken by the kind, gentle, caring, safe and trusting environment to work through the issues, fears and limiting beliefs that have been stored deep within me. The different activities that were designed by Kevin Billet using The Journey method were an incredible mix of skills helping surface those events that I thought were stored so deep that I had forgotten them. The issues that surfaced and thought had no significance were indeed core issues that moulded me to who I was and how I expressed myself on a daily basis.

There was a point where I tried to back down and walk away…when the pain was so deep, the fear so strong…it was then I realized that I was tired of the baggage, tired of the story, tired of the self-pity and victimhood. These behaviours have played an important role in my life, they’ve allowed me to stay stuck for far too long. This surrendering allowed a deeper healing to take place. By giving it all back and setting this part of my life free I now understand I no longer need to carry this baggage.

Beginning our day with Gentle Yoga was, and is, such a beautiful way to start the day in prayer. The amazing gifts that Dorothe Trassl shared in Yoga allowed the release of more. These techniques have become a lifestyle change, every morning, as I greet the sun.

Michelle Bull - Stop the Food FightThe beauty of the Land, the different races and being open to it all is a treasured gift. I am now able to connect to the sun and the Land and understand that I can be anywhere on earth and the connections remain.

Being treated and introduced daily to Vegan foods, prepared by Pepe Soomers and his friendly staff, was a treat I looked forward to. This nourishing food was by itself art of nourishment.

I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to look within and make those changes for complete freedom from emotional blocks. I will continue to share the amazing experience and will forever be grateful to Brandon Bays for this gift of Creation called The Journey.

With deepest love,

Michelle Bull



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