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My Voice

Do you have any idea how many times I have spoken up for others, thinking I was doing them a favour, only to realize that it’s really none of my business??!! I could write a book about how much trouble I’ve gotten into thinking it was my ‘responsibility’ to do this for you. Geesh!

So…the invitation here is for each of us to speak up…with clarity, conviction and confidence.

For my entire life, up until very recently, my line used to be, “I can’t talk and cry at the same time.” It felt like someone had their hands wrapped around my throat blocking me from speaking. What I’ve come to realize is that I now give myself permission to ‘pause, breathe and feel’ when emotions overwhelm my vocal chords. Sharing from this place of exposed vulnerability not only humbles me, it shaves off all the unnecessary verbiage and cuts straight to the truth of what I want to say.

What would it take for each of us to come clean? To get out of our own way and to share with humanity what it is we want to say? What is holding you back from singing your song, writing your book or standing on a stage and inspiring others to do likewise?

I will no longer be anyone else’s voice.

I will help you to find your own because only you know how to best express your thoughts, your ideas and your dreams.

It is time for you to stand strong in the beauty that you are, will always be…and to share your own unique expression.

I want to hear what you have to say…

So speak up…

I’m listening…

I hear you…

I see you…




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