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Mother India

That Which Comes and That Which Goes…Is Not Real…So Then, What Is?

I just returned from an incredible month in India, on the, “In The Presence Pilgrimage” with Brandon and Kevin…and 136 other beautiful beings!Fundamentally, this is what I learned:

I have had, in the past, a strong propensity to want to ‘save’ people, animals, humanity, earth…from themselves. I’ve wanted to ‘know-what-to-do-when’ so that other peoples’ discomforts were dealt with…so they would not suffer…because I didn’t want to witness their suffering as it stirred up mine.

While in India, I was in a situation where I witnessed, got completely overwhelmed by, and eventually came to peace with a woman who looked like she was dying. I felt so conflicted by my projection of what seemed in-humane and my habit of making things ‘all better’ that I almost allowed my desire to ‘save her from herself’ to over-rule why she had come to this temple…which was to die.

Kevin asked me, when we were further along on this trip, “What does not come and does not go from this experience Bet, because that is where the truth lies?”

And I remembered looking into her eyes and seeing ‘eternal’…I could easily see myself in her just as easily as she could be me and I realized that we are the same…I also saw and experienced a love so raw that I wept, felt a compassion so fierce that I bowed at her feet.

What does this have to do with the paradigm shift that we are experiencing here in NA within the folds of The Journey…for me…for you?

In this not knowing, unknowing, unknowable time…I still show up…I consciously choose to put my judgments aside because, and believe me…I have them popping up all over the place…I recognize it is my own need for there to be answers, direction and movement NOW!. And yet…just because I want there to be answers doesn’t mean I get what I want…

And so I breathe…

This woman, at the temple, seemed so fully present to us as we sat at her feet. She, who seemingly had nothing…blessed us with raw, fierce, un-conditional love and was so grateful to us for the out pouring of love that we shared with her…the most she’d experienced in her life time.

It broke my heart!

So…this new paradigm, is an opportunity for me to revisit my belief systems, my judgments and my need to stop the unknowable simply because I am uncomfortable in this unknowing. This discomfort that pulls at my heart is an opportunity for me to experience life…’un-plugged’ and to allow my heart to continuously be broken again and again…if that is what is present for me in each moment.

I know that I will continue to show up, to be creative and to support whatever this new opportunity offers each one of us…so that these magnificent tools will continue to be shared with those on the planet who resonate with this modality…with those who consciously choose to be a full expression of who they truly are at the core of their beings…

That which comes and that which goes is not real…so, for me this begs the question, ” What does NOT come and does NOT go?”…LOVE, COMPASSION, ETERNAL..and a host of other qualities.

Simply ask yourself these questions…

“What does not come and does not go?

“What beliefs do you continue to hold on in life that do not serve you?”

“How will you choose to show up in your life as a creative instrument of positive intention for the planet…humanity…your community and family…and fundamentally for yourself?”

Thank You India for teaching me a fundamental Truth about me and about life: I am not here to save the planet…I am here to consciously experience the magic and the mystery of life…to be in awe at its beauty and to live in the unknown.

Huge Gratitude!!




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