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Holding A Higher Vision Of You…Than You May Yet Realize For Yourself

As a coach I am inspired to hold a higher vision of you than you may yet realize for yourself.

It's like parenthood…you meet your babies when they are born, you experience each other on a daily basis and you hold out this dream for them as they move through life.  Yes there are glitches and hiccups and “Are You Kiddings??!!” along the way and yet…there's some inner wisdom that knows there's more.

As a teacher I absolutely loved the “Aha” moments when the students and or I finally got it…the puzzle pieces clicked together to make this incredible realization of truth. It made us feel great.

And, sometimes it takes guidance from another, to wave the magic wand of understanding for us so we can clearly see a path forward.  A song, a word, an image…some type of connector…that helps us join the seemingly disparate dots together transforming confusion into clarity.

That's where I come in.

Over the past five years I have learned and shared a set of skills so beautiful at helping you help yourself. I have no idea what you really need in each and every moment…neither do you probably…What I do know is how to invite you to get clear on what you fundamentally want from life so that you can show up fully.

These skills will help you move beyond your stress, pain, anxiety and confusion.  They will teach you how to make clear and focussed decisions and to take action in conscious and inspiring ways.

Your transformation will be contagious as those around you will notice and say, “Hey…what's different about you now?  What are you doing that makes you look so amazing?” And you might reply, “I have learned how to be truly happy, with me and my choices.  I have tools that support me, no matter what happens in life…no matter what happens!”

I know, because this has been my own direct experience. I am passionate about what I do. I love showing up in my life and in yours. I am inspired by your potential. It is a gift we share in being there for each other because as I hold out a higher vision for you…you're doing the exact same thing for me. And for that, I am truly grateful

Come January 2012 I am putting together a mini mastermind group of, between six to eight, people highly committed to transforming their own lives, with support from me and the others.  If you are serious about making a significant difference in your life and perhaps for humanity, please go to the Coaching and Products tab and sign up.

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Life wants all of you to show up fully and so do I.



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