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Love…It's All That Really Matters

Empty Nesters…sounds so cliché and yet here I am facing two empty bedrooms where our sons ‘used’ to live.

It’s amazing how many emotions are roiling through this body of mine as I reminisce about being the mom to the young Jorin and the younger Connor…both creating lives now, independent of ours, while at university.

Cam, my husband, and I were discussing just how fortunate we feel to have shared 20 years so far with our sons.  They have been the epicenter of our worlds for so long it’s confusing to realize that what they need from us now is so fundamentally different than what they needed from us when they were babies…or is that true?

Love…it’s really all that matters…whether you’re a newborn, a teenager or an adult.

Unconditional love…a love without attachments, judgments, or rules… Simply looking into the eyes of another and feeling this connection to them and to ourselves is all it takes.

How many looks, hugs and moments of love have we shared thus far…a billion…mini snap shots of memories recorded in the grey matter of our brains…available for recall whenever nostalgia beckons!

A very dear friend of mine died last week…I met him when I was 12 years old so for 38 years he’s been like a father figure to me.  Over the years we would see each other very sporadically and we connected via the phone often.  I loved our conversations because I knew at the heart of the call was love.

I will miss being in Jorin and Connor’s constant company. I will miss my phone calls with Jim Hood…and I know that we all remain connected by love.

Love does not come and does not go…it is a constant…it is the purest representation of who we truly are.

So…to whom would you like to express this love that you are?

No regrets…admit it…you love them…you love yourself and it’s time to let anything unlike love fall away.



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