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Two Hour 1-on-1 Coaching Session

We offer our two-hour 1-on-1 guided introspective coaching sessions by a Conscious Leadership Coach and Internationally Accredited Journey Practitioner plus three follow-up emails which teach you how to:

  • Identify self-sabotaging fears, phobias, criticisms, judgments and insecurities
  • Alleviate stress, overwhelm, panic and shame
  • Discover how to go from feeling lonely and anxious to feeling fulfilled and peaceful
  • Become aware of your own innate power to change through forgiveness
  • Create a positive action plan supporting a balanced and purposeful life

Full Day 1-on-1 Coaching Session

We offer a full day of 1-on-1 coaching experience with a Conscious Leadership Coach and Internationally Accredited Journey Practitioner plus three 30 minute follow-up calls providing you with a path towards exploring and clearing unhealthy patterns and behaviours by:

  • Share one-on-one coaching sessions to give your-self permission to really feel what’s going on at a deeper level
  • Explore the underlying emotions that can cause illnesses and restlessness within your body, mind and soul
  • Eliminate destructive subconscious patterns, behaviours and habits that lead to overwhelm, rebellion and blame
  • Discover and clear core avoidances that keep you feeling overwhelmed and out of control
  • Become more compassionate for your own humanness by seeing the gifts in your life’s experiences
  • Learn how to become your own best friend and advocate and to celebrate you!

What you will experience is how to: Learn the triggers that feed the emotions, which initiate the behaviours allowing you to face your fears and forgive yourself thereby empowering you to lead a healthier work and life balance.

Six Month Coaching Package

This six month dynamic package includes 1-on-1 coaching sessions, group interactive calls plus two live events with a Conscious Leadership Coach and Internationally Accredited Journey Practitioner which provides you with:

  • In our private one-on-one sessions we will focus on key areas in your life; personal, professional, health, relationships, spiritual, business and emotional well-being giving you confidence and clarity to make healthy choices
  • The skills and tools you learn will teach you how to support yourselves more confidently, especially, during stressful situations
  • Imagine what it will feel like for you to live on purpose, calmly and passionately, no matter what life throws at you
  • The synergy of the group will encourage us to hold each other to a higher level of potential than we may see for ourselves
  • Our live events will be a perfect opportunity to set the intention, to hold the space and to celebrate our 6-month experience together.
  • A variety of modalities will be integrated into the workshop material so that you feel inspired and grounded by what we accomplish both individually and collectively

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