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Motherhood…this has got to be one of the most rewarding, confusing, inspiring, exhausting and fulfilling roles I have ever played. I knew as a kid that I wanted to be a Mom…no question at all. I figured I’d have 10 kids since my parents had only been practicing by having eight :0). We had two!   […]

Some people get ticked off when I speak about Learned Helplessness. It feels to them like they are powerless and therefore victims of life’s circumstances. I get it. I too have felt like I was not at the helm of my own life, and that has felt incredibly irritating. So the invitation is to be […]

Last week I shared a wonderful conversation with our older son, Jorin, about why soooo many people are head down, typing away on their cell phones, whilst in a crowd or by themselves.  We talked about how people have umpteen contacts and yet don’t feel connected.  So, why is that?  One of the main reasons […]

Perception is such an interesting concept. Confusing…yet interesting! Last December I stepped into the River Ganges, in Rishikesh, India, and asked this incredible river to up-root and wash away my judgments of self, of others and of life.  I'm telling you…watch what you wish for!  Recently, I was with a group of people who I […]

That Which Comes and That Which Goes…Is Not Real…So Then, What Is? I just returned from an incredible month in India, on the, “In The Presence Pilgrimage” with Brandon and Kevin…and 136 other beautiful beings!Fundamentally, this is what I learned: I have had, in the past, a strong propensity to want to ‘save’ people, animals, […]

Do you have any idea how many times I have spoken up for others, thinking I was doing them a favour, only to realize that it’s really none of my business??!! I could write a book about how much trouble I’ve gotten into thinking it was my ‘responsibility’ to do this for you. Geesh! So…the […]

As a coach I am inspired to hold a higher vision of you than you may yet realize for yourself. It's like parenthood…you meet your babies when they are born, you experience each other on a daily basis and you hold out this dream for them as they move through life.  Yes there are glitches […]

Empty Nesters…sounds so cliché and yet here I am facing two empty bedrooms where our sons ‘used’ to live.

It’s amazing how many emotions are roiling through this body of mine as I reminisce about being the mom to the young Jorin and the younger Connor…both creating lives now, independent of ours, while at university.



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